The Latest RF Filter Design and Manufacture Solution

    China, Sep 15th, 2020 – Kunshan Hubble Electronics Technology proudly presents its latest RF filter design and manufacture solution for base station – TM/TEM ultra small size, thin RF filter.

    The superior RF performance allows the ceramic filter to be implemented in small shape- or form factor of the base station device,most of today’s base station filter solutions using the coaxial metal or metal cavity solution,with long cables connected to the base station.This is not only a high cost solution but also with huge and heavy size, which brings the difficulty for the installation.


 ‘With Hubble Electronics’s new ceramic RF filter solution, the strong design capability, the core algorithm,especially stable automatic manufacture process, it will bring the small size, cost effective solution and more benefit to customer, a win-win solution.’ says Jon Yu, General Manager of Hubble Electronics. 

Hubble Electronics Press release-2-0720

Hubble Electronics Press release-2-0720    

3500-3700MHz dielectric ceramic filter

Excellent design, maximize the theoretical potential of the filter, the most competitive filter index of the current degree of suppression

The shortest debugging time, part of the adjustment-free, the industry's best insertion loss index

Simple appearance and small size

    Field testing and installation is ongoing  by one of the bigger telecom customer and the plan is to bring the first product into the market by Q3 2020.


    We are excited to present our RF filter solution for base station devices; enabling great performance, miniaturized size and significantly lower total cost.  


 About Hubble Electronics

    Kunshan Hubble Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as 'Hubble Electronics') is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co., Ltd., a listed company on the Growth Enterprise Market. We’ve designed the internal & external antenna for your devices – smartphone, notebook, tablet, wearable, Set Top Box, IoT, compising LTE, GNSS, Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, Wireless Charging,automotive and now continuing with 5G and mmWave antenna solutions.

    Advanced antenna technology experts, through highly vertical integration, Hubble provides you with customized design, testing and manufacturing, as well as OEM-driven solutions. We will provide antenna solutions in a robust, professional and economical way. With advanced electronic ceramic 5G filter technical team, we can support high efficiency delivery for communication, consumer, private network of all kinds of radio frequency filter ,  and Hubble electronics  provide you the most competitive filter customized solutions.

    Our main products are: RF cables and connectors, printed circuit board antennas, flexible printed circuit antennas, HTCC and LTCC ceramic antennas, three-dimensional structure LDS and PDS antennas, sheet metal antennas, standard antennas, stamping and injection molds; 5G ceramics Filters, WiFi radio frequency filters, small cell radio frequency filters, waveguide filters, metal cavity filters, etc.

    With more than ten years of experience, we are a trusted RF and antenna module communication electronics company and the preferred 

partner for many leading industry innovators.

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