Hubble Electronics Launch The Newest Plastic Cavity Filter

    China, March 20th, 2021 – Kunshan Hubble Electronics Technology announced their newest product of plastic cavity filter.

    Plastic cavity filter is using plastic resin to instead of metal to make cavity, due to the lower density of plastic compared to metal, the weight of plastic cavity filter is much less than metal cavity filter, around 50% of weight of metal cavity, and with the advantage of low cost, less machining process, similar performance as metal cavity filter. Plastic cavity filter/multiplexer is becoming a preferable solution in 5G era.


Hubble Electronics launch the newest Plastic Cavity Filter

Hubble Electronics launch the newest Plastic Cavity Filter

About Hubble Electronics

    Kunshan Hubble Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as 'Hubble Electronics') is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co., Ltd., a listed company on the Growth Enterprise Market. We’ve designed the internal & external antenna for your devices – smartphone, notebook, tablet, wearable, Set Top Box, IoT, compising LTE, GNSS, Wi-Fi, BT, NFC, Wireless Charging,automotive and now continuing with 5G and mmWave antenna solutions.

    Advanced antenna technology experts, through highly vertical integration, Hubble provides you with customized design, testing and manufacturing, as well as OEM-driven solutions. We will provide antenna solutions in a robust, professional and economical way. With advanced electronic ceramic 5G filter technical team, we can support high efficiency delivery for communication, consumer, private network of all kinds of radio frequency filter ,  and Hubble electronics  provide you the most competitive filter customized solutions.

    Our main products are: RF cables and connectors, printed circuit board antennas, flexible printed circuit antennas, HTCC and LTCC ceramic antennas, three-dimensional structure LDS and PDS antennas, sheet metal antennas, standard antennas, stamping and injection molds; 5G ceramics Filters, WiFi radio frequency filters, small cell radio frequency filters, waveguide filters, metal cavity filters, etc.

    With more than ten years of experience, we are a trusted RF and antenna module communication electronics company and the preferred 

partner for many leading industry innovators.

    For more information about Antennas please visit our websites:


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